Kayakers on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge

Warm weather attracts dozens to Melton Hill Lake


OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Warmer weather has been attracting dozens of people to the lake near Oak Ridge. Melton Hill Lake is a popular place for both competitive and recreational rowers and kayakers.

The Adventure Outdoors rental shop is as busy as a typical spring, according to its owner and manager. People can rent standard and motorized bicycles as well as kayaks and paddle boats.

Lisa Lowery said she enjoyed getting out to walk the trail that parallels the lake with her small children, while they wait on her older son to finish his rowing practice. The family commutes from Knoxville to the venue in Anderson County.

"He's on the rowing team here. He's out practicing so we're just out walking while he's doing that," said Lowery.

Elias Herera brought his young son to play at Melton Lake Park near the water. The playground area remains closed as a precaution due to the coronavirs, so instead, the young boy enjoyed feeding the geese. Herera took advantage of the warm weather on his day off.

"I work tomorrow. Today is good for my son," said Herera.

Most everyone kept social distancing guidelines in mind, as with very few wore masks. "I don't really feel like we need a mask out here. Some people have them on and some don't," said Lowery.

A small group of bikers and hikers, also taking advantage of the fresh air, played music under the large pavilion. They said it's the first time they've practiced together since the pandemic stopped their regular visits to play for area nursing homes.

Earnie Blair said his group is called Recollections.The group typically provides entertainment for nursing home residents.

"They won't allow us in until this is all over with and we hope to get back soon," said Blair.

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