Joe Anderson has pledged to light buildings purple(Image: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo)

Liverpool buildings turning purple to remember George Floyd

The city's mayor made the statement after continued unrest in the United States


George Floyd to be remembered in Liverpool as Joe Anderson turns city buildings purple

Liverpool landmarks will turn purple on Tuesday to remember victim of police brutality George Floyd, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has said.

The unarmed African-American security guard died in Minneapolis, United States, after being arrested by police.

A video showed the security guard saying he was in pain and couldn't breathe while being held down before he died.

The police officer's action has been condemned by the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey, who said that if most people had done what the police officer did to Mr Floyd, they would "already be behind bars".

Mayor Anderson responded: "Our city has always stood up for justice @jacob_frey so Liverpool will stand with you and Minneapolis during these difficult days.

"We will light our buildings purple on Tuesday to remember George Floyd and show communities, everywhere, that justice must be seen."

Protests about Mr Floyd's death have spread across the United States, in some cases turning violent.

Donald Trump also added fuel to the fire threatening "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" in a tweet that was later hidden by Twitter.

But Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted: "George Floyd deserves justice. The Black community deserves justice. His friends and family deserve Justice."
Protesters wear shirts in memory of George Floyd(Image: Getty Images)

Mr Floyd was approached by officers responding to reports of the use of counterfeit money as he was getting into his car.

Police claimed that when he was told to step away from the car he physically resisted.

Video footage did not capture the moment of this exchange but shows that as it continued, a white officer placed his knee on Mr Floyd's neck and pinned him down.

Mr Floyd can be heard begging "don't kill me" and "I can't breathe" before he died.

On Friday night, Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer seen in the video, was arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter.