Baldur's Gate 3 news to come throughout June

The Guerilla Collective Showcase will be home to new information on the upcoming RPG.


It’s been 20 years since Baldur’s Gate 2 first released on PC. In the subsequent years, we’ve seen the game receive a number of expansions, as well as a wealth of spinoff titles. At long last, the mainline franchise is set to return later this year when Baldur’s Gate 3 arrives on PC and home consoles. Fans have been hungry for any new details they can learn about the sequel, and we finally know when that information will arrive. Baldur’s Gate 3 will see a series of news drops throughout the month of June.

Baldur’s Gate 3 took to their official Twitter account to announce the news. The Guerilla Collective Showcase was recently revealed. This series of streams is intended to highlight indie games and developers in the absence of in-person industry events. The Baldur’s Gate 3 news drops will be a part of these streams. The first dose of Baldur’s Gate 3 news will come on June 6 during the Guerilla Collective Showcase.

The original Baldur’s Gate games were developed by BioWare, but the studio hasn’t been involved with the series since the early 2000’s. Instead, Baldur’s Gate 3 will be developed by Larian Studios. The studio posted a new trailer to accompany the announcement on social media.

While brief, the trailer for Baldur’s Gate 3 gives a great insight to what we can expect from the RPG. We see a diverse number of weapons and abilities, from the classic bow and arrow to fantastical magical abilities. We also get a glimpse at the diverse environments that players will encounter on their grand journey. There’s no official release date for Baldur’s Gate 3, but we could be growing closer to an announcement with the pending June news drops.