LG Velvet Europe release set for June 2020 with the US to follow closely behind


Earlier this month LG released the Velvet to its home turf of South Korea with no mention of sending it further away for some foreign travels. Well now it appears like Europe is getting this capable mid-ranger in June with the US to follow later closely behind.

LG Velvet Europeon Release

The LG Velvet european release is known because it has been listed on the Italian LG website with an availability of June 2020. It comes with a 6.8 inch screen, triple camera lens system, 128GB memory, 8GB Ram and a 4300mAh battery.

We already know the specs of the phone are decent but as we said previously the issue will come down to price. Converting the South Korean price puts it at around $735/€670 which is not cheap considering the quality of the competition out there at the moment – The OnePlus 8 is only $699 remember! Maybe the official pricing will wow us when we hear it!

A report on the Korean website, Busan, states that the US release could be as soon as June 15th.

LG have a history of leaks so we can be fairly sure theses release dates are legit but we await official confirmation over the coming days.

Source: LG