The new Nokia 5.3 praised in first major review

Photo: Nokia 5.3 by PhoneArena

While our Nokia 5.3 review unit is taking its time getting to our hands, first feedback of tech media about the phone started appearing online. From major global publications, PhoneArena posted a review of the new Nokia 5.3.

In a concise review, the Nokia 5.3 was received quite positively by PhoneArena, with the reviewer mentioning performance, camera and battery life as the strong-sides. The lower resolution display is a drawback, but the screen is bright enough and has enough contrast per the review, meaning once you get used to a lower resolution (if you come from a higher one), the viewing experience should be good. Other cons mentioned also include the loudspeaker with its lower volume and unreliable fingerprint sensor.
Auto vs night mode (credit: PhoneArena)

The review also includes photo samples that look promising, with the portrait mode receiving an extra praise. The night mode is also decent, as well as videos that go to 4K resolution. It’s interesting that video recording is supported with both the ultrawide and the macro camera, which is a nice addition.

Nokia 5.3 specs:

All in all, the posted Nokia 5.3 review is really positive and makes us even more excited to review the phone for ourselves. You can find the full review here.

Thanks Brank, Thomas and Matti for the tips. 🙂