Source: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Hennepin County Attorney: There Might Not Be a Criminal Charge Here


The video of a Minneapolis police officer pinning an unarmed man to the ground with his knee against his neck shocked Americans to their core. To most observers, the officer, along with the three other cops involved in the arrest, are guilty of murdering George Floyd. How did an arrest over a counterfeit bill turn deadly? In a press conference, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for a criminal charge against the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin.

But not so fast, according to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. On Thursday, Freeman told the press that while the video in question is "graphic and horrific and terrible," he has evidence that "does not support a criminal charge." He added that he will "not rush to justice" against Chauvin or the three other officers who subdued and killed Floyd.

"We have to do this right," he said. "We have to prove it in a court of law."

Unfortunately, in the search for justice for Floyd, rioters and looters have taken to lighting Minneapolis on fire and destroying their own local businesses.

While we want the correct verdict, whatever that may be, we shudder to think what may happen in Minneapolis should the officers be found not guilty. As destructive as the riots are now, would they get even worse? Are we about to see an actual inferno?

Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas has been covering the destruction for us while he continues his on-the-groun reportage in Minneapolis. You can follow him on Twitter at @Julio_Rosas11.