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One new case of COVID-19 reported in the region on Friday

15 more have been resolved


Regional health officials reported just one new local case of COVID-19 on Friday morning.

It puts the total number of cases at 1,099.

Another 15 cases have been resolved, improving that total to 797 (73 per cent).

But it means there are still 189 active cases in our community.

Meantime, for a fourth day straight no additional deaths have been reported, leaving that total unchanged at 113.

There's also no change to the number of outbreaks at long-term care and retirement homes, there are still 12.

As well, there was a big surge in testing, as over 700 new ones were completed.

The region's acting medical officer of health also confirmed Friday morning, that an outbreak has been declared over at Conestoga Meats in Breslau.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang says 80 of the 91 cases at the plant have now been resolved.

"We have seen that the outbreak has come under control ... we don't have evidence that there's a continual source of risk or spread happening in the workplace." she said.

Dr. Wang also announced they will no longer be updating COVID-19 numbers on their website on Sundays, to give their staff a bit of a break.

Here's how the provincial numbers were reported Friday: