Video shows moment Minneapolis police abandon torched precinct


Harrowing footage shows the moment cops abandoned the Minneapolis police precinct that was torched by those protesting the death of George Floyd.

The video, posted to Twitter late Thursday, shows a lawless and anarchic scene outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, which went up in flames about 10 p.m. as crowds continued to protest Monday’s death of George Floyd for a third consecutive night.

Several police vehicles are seen pulling out of the precinct as protesters run toward the department building, some tossing objects and shouting expletives, video shows.

At one point, a small explosion is seen and someone can be heard suggesting targeting a truck pulling out of the precinct amid the mayhem. Moments later, the protesters scurry away as police vehicles continue to drive away, video shows.

“Hey, motherf–ker,” one person screams.

“Get out of here,” another protester yells.

Several protesters continue throwing objects at the police caravan as it pulled away, video shows.

“Is that gas?” one protester is overheard saying, referencing the tear gas and flash bang grenades used by Minneapolis police to stem the chaotic protests.