Billie Eilish Calls Donald Trump Out For His Tweets About Minneapolis Protests

Billie Eilish is calling out President Donald Trump for his disappointing tweets about the protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota which happened on Thursday (May 28).

The 18-year-old Grammy winner shared a screenshot of the President’s tweets with her fans, and her scathing reaction about them.

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“Are you dead f***ing serius????” she first asked, added a lot of question marks to the question.

Billie added to her reaction, “EAT A HUGE F***ING D*** AND CHOKE ON IT.”

See her full reaction HERE!

She isn’t the only one to call out Trump‘s tweets about the situation, which started after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer this week.

Taylor Swift also called him out earlier in the day about his words, vowing that “we will vote you out in November.”