Up to six Premier League games will be moved to neutral venues


Liverpool's long wait to win the Premier League is likely to be completed at a neutral venue, after at least three of their remaining games were included on a police watchlist.

In total, up to six games are likely to be moved to neutral venues, on the request of local police forces.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts says the move is necessary to minimise the demand on policing.

The games include:

The Premier League is set to resume on June 17th, with Man City versus Arsenal, as well as Sheffield United against Aston Villa.

Should Man City lose versus Arsenal on their return, the Liverpool could seal their first title in 30 years with a win in the Merseyside derby against Everton the following weekend.

Speaking to the media, Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts explained the decision to move games to as-yet undetermined neutral venues.

"We have reached a consensus that balances the needs of football, while also minimising the demand on policing," said Roberts.

"The majority of remaining matches will be played, at home and away as scheduled, with a small number of fixtures taking place at neutral venues, which, contrary to some reports, have yet to be agreed.

"The views and agreement of forces which host Premier League clubs have been sought and where there were concerns, the Premier League has been supportive in providing flexibility in arranging alternative venues where requested.

"This plan will be kept continually under review to ensure public health and safety and a key part of this is for supporters to continue to respect the social distancing guidelines, and not to attend or gather outside the stadiums."