Media members react to arrest of CNN crew: 'Unacceptable attack on the free press'


Media members reacted swiftly on Friday after Minnesota State police arrested CNN reporter Omar Jimenez.

One reporter called the arrest "an unacceptable attack on the free press" after Jimenez and his camera crew was arrested on live television while covering protests that have erupted across Minneapolis following the violent arrest and death of George Floyd earlier this week.

The crew was later released.

"You're under arrest," one officer said in the middle of the report on the protests that have erupted in Minneapolis.

"OK, do you mind telling me why I'm under arrest? Why am I under arrest, sir?” Jimenez can be heard asking.

"You're arresting him live on CNN. We told you before we're with CNN," one member of the CNN crew could be heard saying off-camera while filming.

Police say Jimenez and his crew were told to move and did not, prompting the arrests, per

Journalists quickly took to Twitter to voice their outrage, including Trey Yingst, a Fox News correspondent


CNN's John Berman reported on "New Day" one hour after the arrest that Gov. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) apologized to CNN president Jeff Zucker while promising to release Jimenez and his crew.