A monkey chewing on the sample.

Monkeys run away with samples of suspected Covid-19 patients

In a bizarre incident, a troop of monkeys on Friday ran away with coronavirus test samples from Meerut Medical College in Uttar Pradesh, reports India Today.

A troop of monkeys attacked a lab technician who was carrying samples of suspected Covid-19 patients for testing and ran away after snatching three samples.

The incident occurred inside the premises of the Meerut Medical College. While doctors have again collected samples from the three patients, there is fear in the area as the suspected samples of Covid-19 patients are still with the monkeys.

A video of the entire incident has gone viral.

When India Today TV spoke to a doctor at the Meerut Medical College, he said monkeys in the region are serial offenders and such incidents have occurred in the past.

In the viral video, one of the monkeys could be seen sitting on a tree and chewing the sample collection kit. The doctor said that he has sent it to the Chief Superintendent Dr Dheeraj Balyan for further investigation.

Balyan has issued a statement on the matter as well. He confirmed that the monkeys snatched the samples of suspected Covid-19 patients and that the monkeys have not even been caught after informing the forest department.

Meerut district officer Anil Dhingra said that the matter is being investigated.