Monkeys Steal COVID-19 Test Samples & Chew Them Up In Meerut, Watch Video


The increasing number of coronavirus cases by the day and the continuous extensions of the nationwide lockdown already have already got people living in fear.

Making the situation worse, a troop of monkeys attacked a lab technician and ran away with the COVID-19 testing samples he was carrying in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, reports Times Now.
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The incident took place within the premises of the Meerut Medical College. The samples belonged to 3 people who were suspected of having been infected by the novel coronavirus.

While the doctors have collected fresh samples from the patients, there is fear raging in the minds of people living in the area. According to TOI, one monkey was found chewing on the sample kits. Locals now fear the spread of the virus as the monkeys carried the testing kits to the nearby residential areas.
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Times Now reports that monkeys are not immune to COVID-19. Hence, there is a risk of the virus transmitting from the monkeys to humans.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

This is indeed concerning!