Witness Says Cop Wanted to Kill George Floyd, Knew He Had Him in Blood Choke


Donald Williams spoke to CNN's Chris Cuomo about walking out of a store in Minneapolis on Monday (May 25) and saw Officer David Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd's neck. A video showed Floyd telling Chauvin that he couldn't breathe while Williams pleaded out of view of the camera for the officer to take his knee off of Floyd's neck. Floyd was pronounced dead later at a hospital, and Chauvin was fired the following day. 

Williams told Cuomo, "The part that makes the least sense, did any of the cops… did you hear them talking to each other about why they couldn’t just move him and get him out of the situation? Bro, they wanted to kill that man, bro. They didn’t speak. They didn’t say nothin’… the man had his knee on his chest, bro. He knew what he was doing. I told him it was a blood choke. He knew it was a blood choke. He looked at me when I said it. He put his head down. He did not make any more gestures. He did not say any other thing."

Williams then got emotional as he stated, "Seeing another man that looks like me, that feels like me, that has the same complexion as me, lose his life to another man who had no…he had no feeling. He had no remorse. He had s**t in him. He had no feeling. I don’t even think he had a heart at that moment, and he’s gonna feel that for the rest of his life, just like I’m gonna hear my man say this: 'I can't breathe. I want my mama.'"