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Twitter hides Trump’s Minnesota tweet, saying it ‘glorifies violence’


Twitter has just hidden US President Donald Trump‘s tweet about the situation in Minnesota, saying it “glorified violence.” The company didn’t delete the tweet as it thought “it may be in the public interest for the tweet to remain accessible.”

In the tweet, Trump was addressing civil unrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and threatened that law enforcement would open fire in response.

This comes hours after Trump signed an executive order that holds social media companies liable for content hosted on their platform. The order aims to remove Section 230, which provides a safe harbor to social media companies; it relieves them from the responsibility for the content published by users and hosted on their platforms.

In a tweet, Twitter said it has placed a public interest notice on Trump’s Minnesota tweet.

Earlier this week. Twitter embedded fact-checking links in some of the US President’s tweets about the mail-in ballot process for the upcoming US presidential elections.

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