Narendra Modi not in good mood over border dispute with China, says Donald Trump after speaking to Indian PM


US President Donald Trump has sensationally claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not in good mood due to the Chinese aggression at the LAC. Repeating his offer to mediate between the two countries, Trump told reporters that he had spoken to Modi, who was disturbed by the ‘big conflict’ with China. He said, “I can tell you. I did speak to Prime Minister Modi. He is not in a good mood about what is going on with China.”
(Photo: Reuters)

Trump added, “They like me in India. I think they like me in India more than the media likes me in this country. And, I like Modi. I like your prime minister a lot. He is a great gentleman.”

Trump continued, “They have a big conflict …India and China. Two countries with 1.4 billion people (each). Two countries with very powerful militaries. India is not happy and probably China is not happy.”

Interestingly, the Indian government and its army leadership have maintained a mysterious silence even amidst reports of Chinse troops allegedly occupying its territory in Ladakh region. Trump on Wednesday had confirmed the reports of a ‘now raging border dispute’ between India and China. Not only did Trump confirm the news of the Chinese invasion into Indian territory in Ladakh, but the US President had also offered to mediate between the two countries.

Writing in a newspaper, former Indian army colonel and defence expert, Ajai Shukla, had claimed that ‘currently, government sources assess there are close to 10,000 soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Indian territory.’

The Indian army has not made any statement over claims of the Indian territory being occupied by the Chinese forces.