How To Be An Ally

When George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, there were three other officers who ideally stood by....


I’m just going to cut to the chase here. If the United States keeps heading the way it’s headed, our country is going to fall apart. And once that happens, there will be no turning back. So what can we do to prevent this from happening?

I will say beforehand that there are some within the Sikh community who have the “model minority” mindset that this is not their problem, but other people’s. To that I say “What goes around, comes around”. But to those who want to help their fellow brothers and sisters right now (and don’t know how to), here are a few things you can do.

Speak Out

When George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, there were three other officers who ideally stood by. If they had spoken up, Mr. Floyd might still be with us today. If you do not speak up against oppression, hatred, or racism, you are just as complicit as those who are perpetuating it. I acknowledge that this can be hard for some, since sometimes the ones who are being hateful towards others are those who we hold close to us. But how can the pure (or Khalsa) reign if nobody acknowledges that there are bad things occurring?

Reach Out

If there’s one word I’ve constantly heard from people in my community these past few days, that word is “tired”. I am tired. We’ve been through these things as a country over and over again, with little to no change. That all being said, check up on those you know who might be affected by what’s going on in our country currently. Support and encouragement are most welcome right now.


I’m not going to tell someone whether they should go out and protest. In my opinion, only you can determine that. But what you can do is write or call your local and state government officials to let them know how you feel. You can also donate to organizations and movements who are fighting against police brutality.

And lastly, who you vote into office does have a major affect on laws. Be an active (but educated) voter.


Outward change can not happen unless we start the change within ourselves. I leave you with this line from Gurbani. May we all adopt these qualities inwardly.

“Purity, contentment, compassion, faith, and truthfulness – I have ushered these into the home of my self” 

-          Guru Arjan Dev ji (Ang 379 of SGGS ji)