OnePlus wants to get back to its roots with cheap phones


OnePlus has gotten away from what kickstarted their brand in recent years. The original OnePlus One was an incredibly cheap phone especially for the specs, but every year the price of each new phone has gone up. We’re up to some pretty expensive phones in the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, and even though they really are some good phones, they’re not the same value that we got from the first few iterations.

OnePlus wants to go back to that scrappy mindset, though, which is likely a pretty big hint at the new OnePlus Z coming later this year. We’ve heard rumblings that it’s going to be a cheaper phone compared to the OnePlus 8 family, and a new interview seems to cement that commitment from the company.

Return of the cheap OnePlus phones

Pete Lau talked about how OnePlus has grown as a company since debuting the $300 OnePlus One half a decade ago, including introducing a smart TV, headphones, and other gadgets. They’re also diving headfirst into creating their ecosystem of OnePlus products, which seems to be the dream to chase from all manufacturers these days.

But this new direction has come at a cost, and Lau acknowledges that. He’s mentioned that the climbing prices might have alienated some of OnePlus’s original fans, and they want to change that, presumably with the OnePlus Z.

It’s a pretty good read, if you’re interested in some of what goes on with Pete Lau and OnePlus behind the scenes. Check it out.

source: Fast Company