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Cyprus: Got infected with coronavirus? The trip's on us - Foreign Affairs

In an attempt to attract tourists, Cyprus says it will cover costs for anyone who catches the virus while vacationing in the country.


The fact that tourism in many countries around the world has been severely damaged by the Corona crisis is causing various governments to find creative solutions to attract tourists back.

The government of Cyprus has announced that a tourist who is infected with the virus during his vacation in the country will receive full coverage of all his vacation expenses. The Cypriot government has pledged to cover all accommodation, food and drink expenses, medicines for anyone who is infected with coronavirus during his vacation on the island and his family, with the only expense the tourists will have to cover being the trip to the airport on their way back home.

The proposal applies to tourists from all countries of the world except Britain. Cyprus authorities have announced that due to the high rates of infection and death in the kingdom, British tourists will not be able to enter the island in the near future even though British tourists make up a higher percentage of all tourists in Cyprus.

Flights to Cyprus are scheduled to resume on June 9, and the Cypriot government has announced that it has set up a special hospital to accommodate 100 beds for tourists who are infected with coronavirus during their vacation.

Japan is also trying to attract tourists back to the country, following a 99.9 percent drop in tourism since the Corona outbreak.

The Japanese government has announced that it is considering offering to cover 50 percent of the cost of vacation per tourist who visits the country in the coming weeks. The Japanese government's plan is estimated at € 11 billion. In April this year, only 2,900 tourists visited Japan, compared to almost 3 million in the same month last year. The decline in the number of tourists to Japan came after the country recorded nearly 17,000 cases of coronavirus infection.