In this court sketch in New York, Jeffrey Epstein looks on during a status hearing in his sex-trafficking case.Reuters

Jeffrey Epstein is the subject of a major Netflix docuseries. Here are the key moments from the convicted sex offender's past, famous connections, and controversial death.


Jeffrey Epstein, the former financier who died by apparent suicide while being held in a New York detention facility without bail on charges of sex-trafficking minors, is now the focus of a four-part Netflix docuseries.

Titled "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," the project premiered today on the streaming giant. Among the docuseries' writers are best-selling author (and Epstein neighbor) James Patterson, who wrote a nonfiction book on Epstein in 2017.

Epstein flew former President Bill Clinton on his private plane, partied with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the '90s, and managed money for a high-profile billionaire.

Despite his tabloid-worthy exploits, the disgraced money manager kept much of his life under wraps. Here's what Business Insider learned about his finances, network, and eventual death at the height of the case.



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