The best smartphone deals in May so far — save $200 on Apple’s iPhone SE

Crystal Cox/Business Insider

Smartphone price tags are crazy these days, so finding a solid deal that scrapes a bit – or a lot – off the top can be helpful to anyone.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite smartphones that are currently getting a discount. We check back every week to make sure the list is up to date, and we use that opportunity to add any new smartphone deals we spot.

In the US, the top smartphones you can buy are typically from Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. Thankfully, we’ve found deals for various models from those four smartphone makers, including those in the high-end premium, mid-range, and budget segments.

We also include deals for slightly older smartphones if we think they’re still worth it, and advice on whether the deal is good enough.

Here are the best smartphone deals in April 2020:

Best premium smartphone deals
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The phones below are typically “flagships,” meaning they’re a company’s best smartphone that comes with the latest technology, innovations, and features.

There aren’t a lot of deals in the flagship category at the time of writing, but more will pop up over time, at which point we’ll update this list.

For now however, the OnePlus 7 series from 2019 are one of the best deals you can get, with or without a discount. That’s because the new OnePlus 8 series of smartphones are more expensive and don’t really impress in the value department.

Best iPhone deals

It’s still early 2020, but the iPhone SE is likely to be this year’s winner. The phone is already great value at its starting $400 price, as it’s running on Apple’s A13 mobile chip – the same chip turning the wheels in the iPhone 11 series.

Getting a discount on the iPhone SE is like getting a deal on top of a deal. And at $200 off at the time of writing, Walmart’s deal is likely to be the best deal you’re going to get, just as long as you’re eligible for an upgrade via Verizon or AT&T.

Best iPhone deals if you’re comfortable with going with pre-owned/refurbished
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If you can’t find a good sale or deal anywhere, the most consistent and best way to save on Apple’s iPhones is by going through one of Apple’s best-kept secrets – it’s own Refurbished Store.

“Pre-owned” or “refurbished” can understandably send people the other way, but my personal experience with Apple’s Refurbished Store has made me a total convert. The device I bought was in perfect condition and there was nothing to suggest that it was pre-owned at all – it feels the same as buying new from Apple.

Best mid-range and budget phone deals.
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These phones can run the same apps you’d download on a premium phone that costs twice as much, they take good photos (especially the Pixel 3a), they usually have great battery life, and it’s not as emotionally and financially devastating if you break them by accident!