‘The police officers must be prosecuted!’ — Twitter users condemn killing of George Floyd


The killing of George Floyd, a black American man, by some officers of the Minneapolis police department (MPD), has provoked criticism on social media platforms.

Floyd was killed on Monday. Video clips of the incident had surfaced on the internet where a white officer was seen kneeling on his neck for nearly ten minutes.

The deceased, who laid on the ground as captured in one of the video clips, was heard saying: “Don’t kill me.”

Residents of Minneapolis took the streets on Tuesday to stage a protest against the killing of the 46-year-old. Teargas cannisters, flash bombs and rubber bullets were also fired by police officers in a bid to disperse the crowd.

Some of the protesters also took to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to register their annoyance while also demanding justice for the deceased.

“I have always been a supporter of law enforcement. I have even worked for law enforcement in a paid capacity. However, I cannot stay silent on #GeorgeFloyd. There’s nothing no one can say to justified this man’s killing. The officers were fired but they must also be prosecuted,” a Twitter user said.

” This man said what exactly I wanted to say. From the principle of justice. I CALL For DEATH Penalty for these Criminals. #ICantBreath #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatters,” another user said. 

Here are what some users had to say:

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