Little boy from Devon tells BoJo he is 'very cross' about Dominic Cummings' lockdown trip

The Torquay seven-year-old says it's just not fair the Dominic Cummings gets to go out while everybody else had to stay home

Oliver Price, 7, has recorded this clear message about the Dominic Cummings case

In an amazing video a little boy from Devon has summed up in a few succinct phrases exactly why he is 'very cross' with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the Dominic Cummings affair.

It is clear that Oliver Price, 7, from Torquay is absolutely raging with the PM who he addresses as BoJo.

His mum said he became interested in the political controversy after hearing her talking to her parents on the telephone about Cummings making a 260-mile round trip to his parents house during lockdown.

Mum Lucy Price, an administrator from Wellswood, said: "Oliver is very chatty. He's also very caring and a worrier. He worries about his friends and his grandparents and the whole world.

"It's hard to explain to a seven-year-old why one man who is important has been allowed to get away with something and travel a long distance when Oliver is not allowed to see his friends five minutes down the road, or his grandparents."

In the short recording Oliver adopts a very stern voice and makes it clear that he is raging, saying in plain words: "Hello Bo Jo  - I am very cross because Dominic was out with is family. I miss my friends and it isn't fair that he gets to go out and we have to stay at home.

"We have to save our lives, protect the NHS and make sure that everybody is safe - ALL around the world."

Before signing off very politely: "Yours, Oliver."

Lucy said that Oliver, who attends Ilsham Primary School, is passionate about the environment.

"He has been collecting elastic bands off the floor for three years and he's got a massive, massive ball of them now," she said.

"He's written to the Royal Mail asking them to tell postmen not to drop them because they are dangerous to wildlife.

"For him this isn't about politics at all. I am not a staunch Tory and this message from Oliver would have been the same regardless. This was his idea and I didn't put words into his mouth. He just overheard me having a moan to my parents.

"I have been lucky during lockdown that I can work from home and he's been pretty good - but he really misses his friends."