Kellyanne Conway: Trump's Twitter fact checks done by 'people who attack him all day long'


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday that President Trump’s Twitter fact checks are conducted by the same “people who attack him all day long.”

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Conway criticized Twitter's first-ever fact checks of the president's tweets from the previous day.

“We turn around, and we use the same people who are going to endorse Joe Biden for president, reluctantly, are constantly attacking the president,” she told Fox News. “They're relying upon the same people who attack him all day long to, quote, fact check him.”

Conway went on to say that conservatives often turn to social media because they feel like they do not have a “voice in the mainstream media.”

“We have no presence in the mainstream media; they look down on us like we're deplorable and irredeemable,” she said. “So social media gives us that presence, and the president himself has a huge advantage on social media.”

Conway singled out Yoel Roth, Twitter's head of integrity, asserting that he is “constantly attacking Trump voters, Trump, Mitch McConnell, you name it.”

A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill that, “No one person at Twitter is responsible for our policies or enforcement actions, and it's unfortunate to see individual employees targeted for company decisions.”

Trump accused Twitter of “stifling FREE SPEECH” after the platform announced it would fact check the president for promoting misleading information.

Twitter placed warnings on two posts from Trump on Tuesday in which he railed against mail-in voting in California, claiming without evidence that the practice is full of fraud. The platform also pointed out that the president voted by mail in the Florida Republican presidential primary this year.

Trump threatened to “close” social media platforms in a Wednesday morning tweet. He later vowed to take “Big action” against Twitter.