Hollywood Celebrates Twitter Fact Checking Trump on Vote By Mail: 'Welcome to Accountability B**ch'


Hollywood celebrities are gloating over Twitter’s decision to slap President Donald Trump with a “fact check” of his recent tweets about vote by mail.  Stars including Rob Reiner, Dave Bautista, George Takei, and Alyssa Milano have voiced their approval of Twitter’s actions against the president.

Twitter has appended a link to the bottom of two tweets from President Trump, encouraging people to “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” The link takes users to a Twitter landing page that calls the president’s claims about potential voter fraud “unsubstantiated.”

But Twitter relied solely on left-wing media organizations CNN, NBC News, and The Washington Post as its fact-checking sources.

Anti-Trump filmmaker Rob Reiner tweeted “adios amigo” after Twitter’s action on Tuesday.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista called the president a “bitch.”



Alyssa Milano claimed that Twitter is “correcting” President Trump’s “lies.”


Community star Ken Jeong also gloated over Twitter’s actions against the president.



The West Wing star Bradley Whitford called President Trump a conman, racist, and Russian puppet. He then tweeted to the president: “Fact check that, you malignant narcissist.”



Actor Don Cheadle appeared to suggest that Twitter waited too long to sanction the president’s tweets.


Prior to Twitter’s fact check against the president, some celebrities attempted to pressure the social media giant into deplatforming the commander in chief.

Bette Midler called President Trump “the most loathsome man on the planet” and tweeted out a New York Times opinion article that called for Twitter to “cleanse the Trump stain.”



Baldwin brother Billy Baldwin tweeted out the hashtag #TakeTrumoOffTwitter, citing among other reasons the president’s use of the terms “Psycho Joe” and “Obamagate.”



Mia Farrow called Twitter’s decision to fact check the president “excellent.”



Star Trek star George Takei thanked Twitter and then compared President Trump to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.


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