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US Informed India, China It is Ready to Mediate Their 'Raging Border Dispute' - Trump

The border dispute between India and China intensified earlier this month after the two neighbours became involved in a physical altercation over infrastructure development along the Line of Actual Control.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to inform India and China about Washington's readiness to mediate their border dispute.

This comes amid a standoff between India and China that has intensified in the past few weeks after New Delhi started construction of a key road along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. China accused the Indian Army of crossing into its territory and "attempting to unilaterally change the status" of the LAC in Sikkim and Ladakh.

Both countries have reinforced troops on the border amid the ongoing standoff. 

China's ambassador to India, H.E. Sun Weidong, has commented on the current escalation of tensions between the two countries:

"We should adhere to the basic judgment that China and India are each other's opportunities and pose no threat to each other. We need to see each other's development in a correct way and enhance strategic mutual trust. We should correctly view our differences and never let the differences shadow the overall situation of bilateral cooperation. At the same time, we should gradually seek understanding through communication and constantly resolve differences. From any perspective, China and India should be good neighbors of harmonious coexistence and good partners to move forward hand in hand," he said, as quoted by ANI news agency. 

India and China share a border from Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast to Sikkim in the centre and Ladakh in the northern region. A part of the border in the Pangong Tso region passes through water, and India controls 45-kilometre long lake in the western portion, while the rest is controlled by China. Most of the clashes between the two armies occur near the disputed portion of the lake.

On Wednesday, India's top army commanders met for a three-day conference in New Delhi to discuss the current security situation along the borders with China and Pakistan.