Talk of the Town article leads to clean-up operation in Muirhevnamor - Talk of the Town


If you want something done, turn to Talk of the Town!

That seems to be the message after a clean up got underway in Muirhevnamor yesterday, less than 24 hours after we highlighted illegal dumping in the area.

On Monday we reported how residents of Road 2 and Crescent 1 had been trying to get rubbish, which had been illegally dumped at the rear of their homes, removed for over a year.

Despite “about 10 different” calls to Louth County Council, the rubbish remained.

That is until yesterday when local authority staff moved in with a skip to begin cleaning up the mess.

One of the delighted residents contacted Talk of the Town last night saying: “Thank you very much for posting about it because there were fellows out cleaning today. Only for you the dirt would still be there. It’s all thanks to you.”