Elderly ‘won’t be confident enough to attend games’

Former Munster chairman Seán Fogarty, 76, doesn’t believe people of his age will be confident enough to attend GAA games for the foreseeable future.

The Moyne-Templetuohy man, who ran for GAA president 12 years ago, is adamant that clubs should reopen for the benefit of their members but thinks organising matches in 2020 is a long shot because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He can say for certain that he won’t be going to games any time soon because of his age and recent health difficulties.

“At my age and with underlying conditions, I won’t be going to a club game for a long time,” Fogarty remarked. “I’m sure there are many like me who would be thinking the same.

“My young fella is keen to get back to games but he’s mad anyway. I’d be of the mind that it’s best to pull the plug for the year and avoid a potential second wave.

“There is a lot of money at stake for the GAA but the health of the nation is at stake. The GAA will rise again.” 

Fogarty believes the Government has handled the crisis reasonably well but argues authorities should have dealt with Cheltenham and the Italian rugby tourists better.


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“Those coming back from Cheltenham should have been quarantined at least. Fellas wanted their annual trip there but they were putting themselves and others at risk and there should have been restrictions for those who travelled to Dublin from Italy for the Six Nations game.”

The ex-Tipperary chair feels too much has been invested in clubs for them not be utilised as areas for exercise.

“People should be allowed to exercise in their clubs. Make it a one-way system or whatever but it’s a pity to see all those fine facilities idle and people walking on roads. It could be relaxed.” 

Meanwhile, the GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football Association and Camogie Association have launched what they claim is the biggest ever coaching survey in Irish sport.

Over the next three weeks, coaches across the GAA sports have been asked to complete an online survey to express their opinions. It is hoped that the questionnaire will receive 10,000 responses. It is the first time that such an approach has been taken across the entire Gaelic games community.? 

Visit learning.gaa.ie/coachsurvey


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