EU’s Borrell: To weigh 'robust' message to China over Hong Kong issue


The European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell said that the Union is considering weighing a 'robust' message to China over the Hong Kong issue.

“China wants to influence global public opinion,” he added.

This comes after US President Donald Trump also warned of sanctions on the Chinese officials by the end of this week, in light of Beijing taking forceful measures on Hong Kong under the National Security law.

Earlier today, Reuters reports the Chinese media carrying stories that Beijing has widened the scope of draft national security legislation for Hong Kong, in a bid to include organizations as well as individuals.

Meanwhile, citing some witnesses, Reuters reported that the Hong Kong riot police round up dozens of people on streets of shopping districts as protests flare.

The police also fired pepper pellets to disperse protesters in the heart of the financial center.

Market reaction

Amid intensifying US-China tensions and the EU also weighing some measures, the US dollar continues to draw the haven bids amid a mixed market sentiment.

EUR/USD challenges lows near 1.0950 while AUD/USD trades weaker around 0.6640 heading into the European open.