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Twitter Adds ‘Misleading’ Warning To Donald Trump’s Tweets For The First Time


Twitter has highlighted two of Donald Trump’s Twitter posts as “potentially misleading” for the first time.
The flagged tweets included information on falsely-claimed mail-in ballots, which could result in voter fraud in the upcoming elections. In response to Trump’s claims was a message by Twitter reading, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” directing users to a fact-check page curated by the platform to back up statements with news articles.
The move to add fact-checking notifications to Trump’s posts is in line with the social media company’s new approach of combating misinformation or unverified claims.
According to CNN, Twitter added the label to provide “context” to Trump’s posts. However, Trump did not take the labels to his post well. He soon declared that Twitter was “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election” and “stifling free speech,” before adding that he “will not allow it to happen!”
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The labels applied to Trump’s tweets can be seen in a post shared by CNN’s tech reporter Brian Fung, shown below.

[via CNN, cover image via Evan El-Amin /]