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Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Trump Criticism: 'Jackass President Being a Big Baby'

She explained her weekend criticisms during an interview on the Daily Caller’s podcast


Ann Coulter addressed her weekend criticisms of President Donald Trump Tuesday, telling the Daily Caller’s podcast everything came about after she “saw this jackass tweets by our jackass president.”

“At 4:30 in the morning Saturday night — well, technically, Sunday morning — I went on Twitter for the first time in a while and I saw this jackass tweet by our jackass president being a big baby blaming Jeff Sessions for the Russia investigation once again, something that was entirely, 100% his fault,” she explained to host Derek Hunter. She had been “trying to enjoy [her] pandemic” before the tweet annoyed her, she quipped.

She pointed out it was Trump, not then-attorney general Jeff Sessions, who did an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt after firing then-FBI director James Comey, prompting the Russia investigation.

“He goes on Lester Holt and he has to be the big man,” the conservative commentator said, imitating the president: “‘No, no. It was my decision. It was my decision to fire the FBI director. This Russia thing it was just getting out of control.’ I mean, he rambles and says lots of stuff, but he clearly said that he fired the FBI director because of the Russia investigation.”

Coulter went on an early Sunday morning Twitter tear, calling President Donald Trump “the most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office.”

“3 years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the Fraudulent Mueller Scam began. Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down. That’s why I endorsed Coach Tommy Tuberville (@TTuberville), the true supporter of our #MAGA agenda!,” Trump had tweeted, incurring Coulter’s wrath.
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