Elon Musk And Grimes Have Had To Change Their Child’s Name, But That Hasn’t Stopped The Memes


A few weeks ago, Elon Musk and Grimes took to social media to announce the name of their just-born child. You might remember something about that, on account of the fact that it permanently broke the internet.

Ever since Musk and Grimes informed the world that they had named their little bub X Æ A-12, the whole story’s gone from wild to wilder. First, podcast host Joe Rogan laughed in Musk’s face when he tried to explain the meaning behind the name. Then, Musk publicly corrected Grimes over her version of the moniker’s origin story. Oh, and shortly after that, Grimes’ mother subtweeted her son-in-law for tweeting when he should have been helping to raise a child.

And if you thought maybe this story would have died down by now, ho boy do I have bad news for you, because Grimes has today announced that she had to change the baby’s name to comply with California law.

But those expecting the new moniker to make much more sense should check their expectations at the door. ‘Cause the new title of Musk Jr. is simply X Æ A-Xii.

We all knew that such a change was coming eventually, on account of the fact that California law dictates nothing but the 26 letters of the English alphabet can be used in a child’s name. And hey, for her part, Grimes says she’s totally happy with the change — “Roman numerals look better,” she announced on Instagram.

As you might probably have been able to expect, this new news story has already produced thousands of memes, with Twitter jokesters flooding the app with variations on what have now become tried and true X Æ A-X12 jokes.

Poor X Æ A-Xii. Has there ever been a human being whose entrance in the world has become such a thorough source of hilarity and mirth?