Dr. Milly Haverkort, an infectious diseases and internal medicine specialist, demonstrates a coronavirus exam at the GGD Kennemerland. February 2020.Ministerie VWSMinisterie VWS

Don't be afraid to get tested for coronavirus, even with a sniffle: Health Service


Ellis Jeurissen, director of Public Health at health service GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, hopes that fear of a quarantine will not prevent people from getting tested for the coronavirus when they have any health symptoms. From June 1st, anyone with symptoms that could indicate the coronavirus can get tested, and Jeurissen hopes that everyone with symptoms will go in and do it, she said to Omroep Brabant.

"We recommend testing even with the sniffles and mild complaints," a spokesperson for the health service told NL Times. "If you are unsure whether or not you have hay fever, we recommend testing. So with coughing, fever, symptoms of a cold."

Jeurissen said she understands that a positive test can sound scary. The person who tested positive, and all their housemates, will have to quarantine at home for two weeks. There will also be a source and contact investigation, which could mean quarantine for more people. And if a housemate tests positive, the quarantine may have to be extended. That all sounds unpleasant, she acknowledged. "But you don't want on your conscience that you got someone else sick, do you?"

"We think it is sensible that people with complaints have themselves tested because it is everyone's responsibility to overcome this virus," the spokesperson told NL Times.

"Cooperate and take responsibility. Do not complain that you are allowed to do so little, and at the same time then not get yourself tested," Jeurissen said.

Jeurissen said she understands that everyone is cooped up and want to go outside, but stay away from crowds as the government instructed. "When you see how busy it is, draw the conclusion yourself: I choose my safety and I turn around," she said to the broadcaster. "If you want to be able to party again, you have to take responsibility."