LOUTH WEATHER: 'No end in sight' to great weather


LOUTH WEATHER: 'No end in sight' to great weather

It's looking like a week to remember for all us fans of sunshine and good weather, with, according to local weather guru Louth Weather, "no end in sight" for this sunny and warm spell.

Here's the day-by-day forecast for the week:

MONDAY - A beautiful morning and early afternoon. By mid-afternoon high cloud will spread in from the west so it will become increasingly hazy then cloudy. Moderate SW winds. Warmest day off the year so far with 20°C in many areas. Cloudy tonight with the odd spot of light rain. Very mild at 13°C.

TUESDAY - Dry. Some cloud but lots of warm sunshine. Light NW winds. Max 19°C.

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY - Dry. Quite cloudy overall, though this could be thin high cloud. The sun will break through at times. Continuing mild with temperatures in the high teens. Winds, almost calm Wednesday and Thursday, will pick up on Friday.

THE WEEKEND - Early indications showing near-perfect weather. Dry. Sunny. Temperatures up to 20°C. The only downside is the return of those pesky easterly winds which will make it feel cooler at the coast.

FURTHER OUTLOOK - A slight blip possible next Monday with some rain possible, but otherwise I cannot see any major change in overall weather patterns. It looks like more high pressure to come, so more good news on the weather front.