Gylfi Sigurdsson

Gylfi Sigurdsson opens up on fitness and return to Everton training

Everton's squad returned to Finch Farm for the first time in two months last week


Gylfi Sigurdsson opens up on fitness and return to Everton training

Gylfi Sigurdsson believes he is feeling physically great as preparations to potentially restart the 2019/20 campaign have stepped up.

Everton's squad and staff made their return to Finch Farm last week and took part in small group training sessions following a unanimous decision from the Premier League last Monday, with no contact yet alone in phase one of the scheme.

Since March, Blues players had been individually training from home in a bid to keep themselves as fit as possible over the long break away from the pitch.

And Sigurdsson believes he is in great shape as football edges closer to a potential return.

He told : “My wife is with me 24/7 and puts up with me when we lose and things aren’t going well, so she pushes me every day.

“[The desire to perform comes from] myself as well. I still have the ambition to improve and play at this level.

"My body still feels great so… it’s hard to say how many years I’ve got left. But I feel physically better than I probably did when I was 20.

“It was nice to get back into training and see some faces, even though we are obviously keeping a big distance between us, and to actually train with someone.

“I’ve been trying to stay as busy as I can and make the most of each day and I’ve kept busy with training but it’s been a long nine weeks."

Aside from keeping as fit as possible, lockdown has already provided a challenge for players to keep themselves entertained.

Sigurdsson has opened up on honing his musical talents while having this time on his hands, and revealed the popular series he has been hooked on.

“Away from football and training I’ve been practising my chipping in the garden and trying to play the piano.

“I bought it when I was at Swansea a couple of years ago and go through phases of really wanting to get into it but then I come off it. I’ll get there eventually.

“I’m on episode seven or eight of 'The Last Dance'. I watch them while I’m having breakfast before I go to train.

“It’s fantastic to be able to see how his [Jordan’s] mind works and how he thinks about everything and how competitive he is.

“I think it’s not just a great show but great for sports fans to be able to get closer to him and see how he thinks.”