Ethiopia reports largest daily coronavirus positive


The number of people infected by coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically increased over the last two days increasing the total number of confirmed cases to 582 without including today;s result expected this afternoon.

On Saturday the country has reported 61 new cases followed by 88 new cases on Sunday, which is the biggest figure Ethiopia reported in one day so far. Ethiopia reported 88 new coronavirus cases after conducting laboratory tests for 4048 people.

Out of the 88 new confirmed cased 73 are found in the capital, Addis Ababa, according to the report of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. 53 of the total 88 new cases reported on Sunday have no prior contact with COVID-19 patients and no international travel history.

Out of the 61 new cases reported on Saturday after Ethiopia tested a total of 3,757 people in one day, 48 are found in Addis Ababa. Out of them 45 have no prior contact with patients of coronavirus and have no international travel history, which suggests that the pandemic has already been spreading among the community.

In Ethiopia so far a total of 152 people have recovered while five have died, according to COVID-19 country report of Ethiopia. Compared to its neighbors Kenya, Somalia which each have reported over 50 deaths by the global pandemic so far, the number of deaths in Ethiopia is relatively small. Kenya has lost 51 lives and 61 have died in Somalia and 10 lost their lives in Djibouti so far.

In Sudan 165 people have died by the pandemic so far, while in 8 have lost their lives in South Sudan.
Ethiopia’s neighbor on the North, Eritrea is also so far in good shape. All the 39 coronavirus patients in Eritrea have recovered and the country has not reported a single death so far.

Globally, the pandemic, which originated from China has infected over 5,411,498 people killing 345,122 people, according to Johns Hopkins University update. In Africa over 3,300 have lost their lives.