Appy days! Chance to beat Wolves hero Steve Bull launches


Wolves fans will soon be able to test their trivia skills against club legend Steve Bull with a chance of winning some great prizes along the way.

The 'Beat Bully' app, which pits supporters against the 306-goal former striker in a series of quiz questions, is set to be launched this week.

Players pay to play to be in with a chance of grabbing a prize, with competitors having 10 seconds to answer each question while a pre-recorded video on their phones will show Bully answering the question himself.

The app was originally scheduled to be launched a couple of months ago but Covid-19 got in the way, so the Wolves hero is excited for people to try it out now and said: "It's a bit of fun - a bit of general knowledge, a bit of football.

"To be honest, I struggled with some of the questions, I am not a brainbox, but I do know certain stuff.

"So, for Wolves fans, and any fans have a go and see if you can beat me."

The idea is the brainchild of Tim Page, an avid Wolves supporter who has worked in trivia for decades.

The 52-year-old, from Willenhall has previously seen a similar format be very successful in America.

"We've submitted the app now with Apple and Google. We've made some changes based on Covid and expect to launch this week," said Page.

"There are three, four or five questions in each pack of questions. In those questions, Bully will have got some right and some wrong.
Tim and Bully during filming

"Every time you beat him, we treat that as a ticket for a prize draw. So we will run a competition every two weeks and at the end of that, a winner will be chosen based on how many questions they have got right in the quickest time.

"We've run it in thousands of restaurants in the States. When you sit down you have a tablet on the table, and we do a lot of trivia on those devices.

"I moved back to the UK a couple of years ago after 25 years, and wanted to do something different, as a crazy Wolves fan."

Page is keen to point out the 'Beat Bully' app will be a long-running thing too.

"This is going to be ongoing, not just a one-off," he added.

"We're going to be trying some pretty unique and special stuff, putting fresh ideas and new spins on it. There are lots of places we want to go with it.
Steve Bull Beat Bully app

"What we want to do with it eventually as we have our hands tied with social distancing at the moment, is to offer prizes that you can't buy."

For the first few weeks, a donation will be made to the NHS trust from every entry.

For more information on 'Beat Bully' and how to get involved, visit or search 'Beat Bully Trivia' on Facebook.