NHS doctor vows to resign if Dominic Cummings isn't sacked after breaking lockdown rules


An NHS doctor working on the frontline has vowed to resign if Dominic Cummings isn't sacked.

Dr Dominic Pimenta, an intensive care clinician, appeared on Good Morning Britain today insisted that Cummings' actions were "unacceptable" and that a "line needs to be drawn".

Cummings has been widely criticised for driving over 250 miles from London to his parents house in Durham when his wife had coronavirus symptoms, despite the government's own rules telling Brits to stay at home during the pandemic.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to sack his senior aide, saying that he had "followed the instincts of every father".

Dr Dominic Pimenta vowed to resign if Dominic Cummings isn't sacked (Image: ITV)
Cummings has been widely criticised for driving over 250 miles from London to his parents house in Durham (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Speaking to hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard, Dr Pimenta explained his vow to resign if Cummings didn't, he said: "I think we all have to draw a line in the sand, somewhere."

"If there was a genuine need for childcare, then I understand," he continued. "I really have to stress the importance of what was done here... it is unacceptable and I will not accept it."

Dr Pimenta spoke to Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard on GMB today (Image: ITV)
Mr Cummings is under fire for his trips up north (Image: GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Earlier, Charlotte and Ben hit out at Boris Johnson's aide, warning that they had received many emails from viewers insisting that lockdown was "over" after the lack of repercussion from Cummings' actions.

Addressing the scandal today, Ben said that he had received an email from viewer Melissa.

"I think this sums it up brilliantly, Charlotte," he remarked, before reading out the comment. "Dominic Cummings' actions and Boris Johnson's absolute backing of them have really upset me.

"His excuse that he was just being a good, noble, understanding father is a slap in the face to all those that missed their parents' funerals, to those who couldn't see their child in hospital, to anyone frightened and alone that did obey the law.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a deafening backlash for backing Cummings (Image: 10 Downing Street/AFP via Getty)

"It implies that you could have done all these things, but that you just didn't care as much as Dominic Cummings did, and this has made me really angry."

Charlotte remarked that she had many people getting in touch with her yesterday with similar feelings.

She explained: "Because everybody had been sticking to the rules and then the prime minister seems to suggest there that he followed the instincts of every parent and every father there and I don't mark him down there.

Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins also hit out at Cummings today on GMB (Image: ITV)

"But so many people got in touch with me to say, 'Well, you know, they were in difficult situation and they wanted to follow their instincts but they followed the rules.

"So many parents, so many families up and down the country have been torn apart by what is happening in the last few minutes. They've had to make really difficult decisions to try to do the best for their families.

"But to do something like this when you are in charge of making the lockdown rules, when you've put together the whole strategy - I think that's the bit that people are finding really difficult."

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