A security man checks the ID of staff before entering the Kempe Gowda International Airport in Bengaluru on Sunday. (File photo| ANI)

First flight to leave Bengaluru in two months to Ranchi

The first flight to leave Bengaluru is set to be an Air Asia flight to Ranchi at 5.15 am while the first incoming flight would be an Indigo flight from Chennai at 7.35 am.


BENGALURU: A total of 107 flights will depart from Kempegowda International airport while 99 flights are expected to arrive on Monday, on the first day of operations of the airport in two months, said a highly placed airport official. The first flight to leave Bengaluru is set to be an Air Asia flight to Ranchi at 5.15 am while the first incoming light would be an Indigo air plane from Chennai at 7.35 am.

"Of the incoming flights, 44 would be from the Red Zone while 55 will come from Green Zone cities in the country. Of the departing flights, 50 would be from Red Zone and 57 from Green Zone," the official said.

Airport operator, Bangalore International Airport Limited had a day earlier said the airport would handle an average of 215 Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) per day, 108 departures and 107 arrivals. Flights were given slots to depart every ten minutes.

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It added that social distancing norms would be maintained. However, there was total confusion till the last minute regarding the flights' arrival and departure. Indigo, the largest operator has listed 51 outgoing flights including to Kochi, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Goa, Mumbai and Agartala.

It listed 49 arrival flights including from these airports. It later updated it to 48 with the first flight from Kochi to Bengaluru showing as cancelled.

The Indigo website has listed flight no 6E 456 as the first flight to depart from Bengaluru to Mumbai at 5:05 am. However, airport sources said they were not sure if this flight would depart due to uncertainties about being permitted inside Maharashtra and an Air Asia flight from Bengaluru to Ranchi at 5:15 am was likely to be the first to depart.

Air India has listed six outgoing and incoming flights. The first flight would be at 6:30 am to New Delhi, a source said.

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The other flights would be to Mumbai (6:45 am) Hyderabad (8 am), Calcutta (8 am),  Chennai (2:10 pm) and New Delhi (5 pm). The incoming flights will arrive at these timings: Delhi (00.25 am), Hyderabad (12 pm), Bombay (12:10 pm), Delhi: (2:05 pm) Calcutta (3 pm) and Chennai (6:10 pm).

Spicejet will run 17 flights out of Bengaluru and will have 17 incoming flights including destinations like Delhi, Calutta, Patna, Chennai and Pune both ways.