Dr Ashley Bloomfield speaks at a Covid-19 press conference at Parliament. Photo: Getty Images

Another day of zero Covid-19 cases

New Zealand has again recorded no new Covid-19 cases.

The Ministry of Health issued today's update in a press release and there won't be a press conference with director general of health Ashley Bloomfield today.

In the release the Ministry said the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 remained at 1,154, which is the number reported to the World Health Organization.

The combined total of confirmed and probable cases remains at 1,504.

There was no change to the number of recovered cases which remain at 1,456. This represents 97% of all confirmed and probable cases.

There were no additional deaths to report.

There remained one person receiving hospital-level care for Covid-19; they are in Middlemore and are not in ICU.

Yesterday its laboratories completed 2163 tests, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 261,315.

NZ Covid Tracer app

The NZ COVID Tracer app had now recorded 380,000 registrations – an increase of 17,000 since 5pm on Sunday.

"We continue to encourage as many people as possible to download the app – it will help us identify, trace, test and isolate any cases of Covid-19."

The Ministry was "very supportive" of the work done by businesses to get their unique QR codes up and running, with 13,600 posters having been created as of midday.

"If people are having issues with the app, we want to know so we can get the problems fixed."

Yesterday there was also no new cases with just two cases total last week.

And one more person was reported as being recovered from the coronavirus, taking the total number of active cases down to just 27.

One person was in hospital in Middlemore and was not in an intensive care unit.

About 354,000 people had registered for the Covid Tracer app and the Ministry continued to encourage Kiwis to download it, saying it would help it identify, trace, test and isolate any cases.