COVID-19 in Baltics. 2 in Latvia, 12 in Lithuania, 1 in Estonia


In the past day a total of 2 new COVID-19 infection cases were found in Latvia, increasing the total number to 1 049.

The latest data for Estonia reports one new infection case, increasing to 1 824.

65 people in Estonia have died from COVID-19 and 329 people have made a successful recovery.

The latest information for Lithuania reports a total of 1 635 infections, which is an increase of 12 new patients.

The number of deaths in Lithuania caused by complications from the virus has reached 63, whereas the number of recoveries has reached 1 138.

So far a total of 99 770 tests have been performed in Latvia, according to information from Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre. Additionally, 22 COVID-19 patients have died in Latvia. 712 people in the country have made a full recovery.

As previously reported, on Thursday, 7 May, the government decided to ease a number of restrictions in relation to COVID-19, also extending the state of emergency until 9 June.

Residents are urged to organize work from home where possible, go shopping less often and avoid crowded places.

The state of emergency in Estonia is over, whereas in Lithuania it will remain until 31 May.