The results speak for themselves (Picture: Facebook)

Mum uses £5 Vanish washing powder to transform tiled floors and grout


The last bastion of home cleaning is grout. How do you get it clean? It’s almost impenetrable.

Not anymore, though, as one Aussie mum has shared her top tip to get the grout on your tiles looking brand new.

And the best part is that it shouldn’t cost you any more than £5.

The mum, who works as a cleaner, posted on Facebook group, Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise, showing off her amazing results.

‘Not sure if this has been shared yet but these are results I got using Napisan gold at a client’s house,’ the mum wrote.

Napisan is the Australian branding of Vanish, which is easily bought in most supermarkets and hardware stores on this side of the pond.

Although the powder is more typically for putting in your washing machine to get your clothes looking great, the stain-lifting capabilities of it isn’t limited to fabrics.

The woman used two scoops of the washing powder in a bucket of water, spreading it over the floors and then going over the grout with a stiff, small brush.
You can see how much dirt comes out of the grout (Picture: Facebook)

Like this mum, you should be able to see the dirt lifting from the tile joins. Simply give it a good mop at the end and the whole floor will come up like new.

As mentioned, you won’t be able to get the Vanish Napisan Gold Pro Stain Removal Powder here in the UK, but Tesco has Vanish Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover Powder (which is the same) for just £5.

Grout brushes retail from about £1 to £10, depending on how fancy you go.

Given that many of us have grout that’s seen better days, it’s an amazing investment.

Others in the group clearly agreed, and the post racked up hundreds of likes and comments from people wanting to give it a go.

‘Looks so good! I’ll have to try this on the weekend,’ one person said, while another chimed in, ‘I’m going to try this when kids are not home! I have tiles all through my house.’