Riders practice ahaead of the race on Sunday

MAU Motocross Challenge attracts over 60 riders


The highly-profiled event is expected to attract over 60 riders, including a few guest appearances.

Organisers will maintain three heats per category for Sunday’s inaugural MAU Motocross Challenge at Busiika after consultations with riders favoured a delay of the new two-heat format.

Still, that should not the stop the fireworks at the highly-profiled event that is expected to attract over 60 riders, including a few guest appearances.

“The riders said they prefer three heats for this event but the two heats will be introduced in subsequent events,” said event organiser Julius Bukenya.

The new format would have seen the tradition three heats reduced to two but longer rounds, demanding a greater endurance of the riders than usual. And given this is the first event of the season, it is probably wiser to hold its introduction until fitness levels pick up.

For 125cc star Ali Omar, the goal remains the same either way.

“For this upcoming season, we are just trying to improve; get faster, make our corners and hopefully get this championship,” Omar said.
 A rider practices ahead of the race in Busiika on Sunday. PHOTOS: Johnson Were

“For this race I want to have fun, do my best and see where that puts us.”

Omar will compete in what should be the most exhilarating category, with brother Waleed, Fortune Ssentamu, Kylan Wekesa and of course Stav Orland all in battle.

Organisers have opened up the way for riders to compete and score in two separate categories if they are fast enough to compete in a higher age bracket.

“For instance, Gift Ssebuguzi currently races in the 65cc but he can upgrade to the 85cc and compete and can be ranked in both categories,” Bukenya revealed.

“We have secured everything we need for Sunday’s event; the police clearance, racing permits and so on. So we are ready.”