Graduating College This Year? Here’s What to Expect (And How to Explain to Your Parents)


Finding a job and getting the role after you graduate depends on a bunch of different factors.

The workplace of 2020 is super different than the workplace your mom joined when she graduated from college. You’re probably sick of hearing this by now — especially because surely, your parents are wondering how you’ll use the degree you’ve been working towards for years — but soon, you’ll be joining the workforce. It’s important to have a general understanding of what that might be like, and how to prepare because the workforce has changed since the days your parents were hunting for entry-level jobs.

For one thing, a remote job is still a job. Did you know the future of work is really trendings towards catering to the digital nomad population? Of course, that depends on what your industry of choice is and how your degree applies to the work, but remote work has changed the workplace so much. There are a lot of benefits — firstly, working remotely helps the balance of work-life.  For some students, it’s an easier transition than a traditional 9-5. With so many classes available online, students can get used to remote work essentially having their handheld while they learn how to be professional and accountable for their work.

Do expect the job hunt to be a bit more complicated than you might first expect. New graduates often experience a lull between a full-time job and their graduation date. According to new studies, it takes a new grad an average of three to six months to find full-time employment in their first position after graduation.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, your first job out of college won’t be in your field or industry. You might not be using that hard-earned degree, but have some faith. You’ll need an income, so taking a job where you can translate that management experience to a potential employer (hello, retail!) is a good call. Your bank account and your student loans will thank you.

What have you done while you were in school to prep you for the job hunt that comes after graduation? Tell us in the comments.

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