Eamonn branded 'ungrateful' by This Morning caller for moaning about Valentine's gift from Ruth

Eamonn wasn't happy with his gift from Ruth


TV's Eamonn Holmes was scolded by a This Morning caller after he moaned about the gift wife Ruth Langsford gave him for Valentine's Day.

On Friday's show, Eamonn admitted he wasn't that impressed by Ruth's choice of present - a luxury bag to put your toiletries in when you go to the airport.

Discussing the gift, Eamonn said: "Ruthie left me a present this morning, there was a bag beside my table. I delved into it and took out a plastic bag, container, a see-through sort of makeup bag thing."

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Ruth said: "It's not a makeup bag. You're being unkind."

Eamonn interrupted: "I'm not darling, I'm simply asking what has that got to do with Valentine's Day?"

Ruth explained: "Well because I could have got you chocolates but you don't really need chocolates. What else could I have got you?

"When we travel and you have to put your toiletries into that funny plastic bag and you moan, moan, moan, 'ugh I have to put all of this in a bag,' so I at great expense bought a proper bag with leather around it that's airport security tested.
Eamonn didn't seem chuffed with Ruth's gift (Credit: ITV)

"I thought it was a very thoughtful gift."

Eamonn said: "So your way of showing me that you love and adore me is to get my anticipation up with this lovely romantic heart-shaped bag and inside it is a plastic tupperware."

Ruth hit back: "It's not tupperware! It's leather and it was very expensive. What did you hope was in there?"

Eamonn joked: "I can't say on air!" to which Ruth asked: "What did you want like a thong?"

Later in the show, during the phone-in segment, one caller decided to criticise Eamonn for his reaction to the gift.

Christine said: "Eamonn, you're very ungrateful! It was a very thoughtful present and you should appreciate it."
Eamonn was branded "ungrateful" (Credit: ITV)

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She added: "But I think one thing was missing and maybe she should have just put a little red thong in there to please you."

As Ruth laughed, Eamonn admitted he didn't hear the suggestion so Christine repeated herself.

The presenter seemed very happy with the "red thong" idea and grinned.

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