Matt Reeves Just Shared Our First Official Look at The Batman's New Batsuit


It’s just a “camera test,” runs for less than a minute, and was apparently filmed in a room darker than the Batcave, but we finally have an official glimpse of Robert Pattinson in his Caped Crusader costume, courtesy of The Batman director Matt Reeves.

Check it out:

Reeves recently shared a social media post announcing The Batman’s first day of filming, so here’s hoping he’ll be sharing even more tidbits as production progresses.

A Twitter user tinkered with the clip to render it in black-and-white, which reveals a bit more detail than the red filter does:

The suit is incredible.

— patrick tomasso (@imPatrickT) February 13, 2020

And Reeves popped back on Twitter to give a few more video credits, including the music by Michael Giacchino (Doctor Strange, Rogue One, Spider Man: Homecoming, Jojo Rabbit):

The Batman is slated for release on June 25, 2021. In the meantime, what do ya think of the new suit?