Facebook Lite is now getting a dark mode on Android


Dark mode is a feature we feel like we’ve been wanting for years. Since the introduction of Android Lollipop almost 6 years ago, and the introduction of Material Design, white UIs were slowly becoming the norm and they kept getting brighter and brighter. Whatever you may think about white modes in general, one thing is clear: they’re awful for nighttime readability. Then, last year, with Android 10, a global dark mode was introduced to Android and many apps started supporting it. Now, a dark mode is being introduced to Facebook Lite as well.

Facebook Lite, for those who don’t know, is a version of Facebook which is stripped down to its basics to optimize it for people with older phones and slower connections, particularly those in developing countries. The UI is blocky, there are no animations, fancy features, and moreover, there’s not that much stuff going on in the backend compared to the regular Facebook app. It does seem odd, though, that this app would receive a dark mode before the full Facebook experience did, especially since it always gets most new Facebook features pretty late, but then again, many other Facebook-made apps, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, already have one.

If you’re interested in scrolling down through your Facebook feed in dark mode fashion, then download the Facebook Lite app or update it if you already have it. If you can’t stand the “lite” experience this app provides, though, then it should be a matter of time before the regular Facebook app (if you use that) receives it through an update. The web version, which also recently received a facelift, should be receiving it too.

Via: Android Police