Mum buys daughter Valentine's Day card – but doesn't spot X-rated message inside


A mum thought she had everything covered when she bought a Valentine’s Day card for her five-year-old daughter to give to her boyfriend.

But Laura Flaherty forgot to check the message inside the card when she bought it – and let’s just say it was a surprise.

It all happened when the mum-of-two agreed to pick one up for her child and so she grabbed the first she could find which was covered in hearts.

However, when the 33-year-old, from Manchester, got the card out for her daughter to write in, she soon noticed her hilarious blunder.

She opened the card only to discover a slightly rude message – one that was a bit too inappropriate for a five-year-old.

The whole card read: “I love you with all my heart… and all of my rude bits as well! Happy Valentine’s Day.”
Laura was in stitches when she read the message inside

Laura then shared a photo of the card on her Instagram where she laughed about her hilarious blunder.

She wrote: “I learnt a very valuable lesson this morning. As you all know I'm always busy, always rushing about, trying to do everything. Well, my little Violet wanted to send her boyfriend a Valentine's card.

“Five-years-old and has a boyfriend, but anyways, I didn't see any harm so I agreed to pick a card up for her. Card shop was mega busy, I'm socially intolerant of busy shops, so I quickly read the card and thought 'that will do'."

She continued: "An absolute @thehotmessmums moment, fortunately before I let Vi write the card this morning I decided to have a quick glance…

“Well thank for that!!! Can you imagine if I'd just let her rock up to school with this. I would have ended up on a list, public enemy number one.

"So I told Violet a white lie and that I'd picked one up for a girl by mistake. Mad dash to @Asda before school, crisis avoided, no upset parents and a very big lesson learnt on my part."