Xur's location and wares for February 14, 2020 - Destiny 2

It's that time again. Here is everything you need to know about Xur's location and fares for February 14, 2020 in Destiny 2.


Happy Friday, Guardians. With the end of the workweek comes another weekend of buying items from Xur. If you’re looking for Xur’s location and wares for February 14, 2020, then we can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Xur’s location and wares for February 14, 2020

While it might be Valentine’s Day around the world, Xur isn’t taking off time for any dates. He’ll be here at the usual time—12 PM ET—and will have a new assortment of items on hand to pawn off to Guardians in search of more Exotics. If you’re looking to find Xur’s location this week, then you’re going to need to head over to Watchers Grave on Nessus.
Head to Watcher's Grave on Nessus to find Xur.

Once you arrive, speak with Xur and he’ll go over this week’s assorted items. As always, he has one weapon, one piece of armor for each Guardian class, and the Fated Engram. All items and prices have been noted below:

Don’t have enough Legendary Shards to purchase the items you want? Check out our guide on how to farm Legendary Shards for some handy information.

Now that you know what items Xur has for sale, it’s time to make your picks. If you don’t have any of the items listed above and have enough Legendary Shards, go ahead and buy them all. Keeping up with your Collections is always good, as it ensures you always have ready access to any items that Bungie might update or buff in the future. It’s also just really cool to be able to say you have all of the Exotics in the game, so why not go ahead and collect them while they’re easily obtainable.

If you already have all the listed goods, pick up a Fated Engram. It grants you a chance to acquire an Exotic item that you don’t have unlocked, though it is a bit more expensive than the known items that Xur has for sale.

Now that you know Xur’s location and wares for February 14, 2020, you can head back over to our Destiny 2 strategy guide for even more helpful information. We’ve put thousands of hours into the game to help you be the best Guardian you can be.