(Top) Collector K. Veera Raghava Rao releasing the final voter list in Ramanathapuram on Friday; (above) Collector J. Jayakanthan releases the list in Sivaganga.   | Photo Credit: handout_e_mail

Ramnad has 11.36 lakh voters and Sivaganga has 11,61744


Releasing the final electoral list, District Collector and Election Officer K Veera Raghava Rao said that there were 11,36,569 voters as on January 1, 2020, here on Friday.

Speaking to reporters, he said that the district has 5,67,307 men, 5,69,193 women and 69 others as voters.

As per the Election Commission of India’s directive, the public were allowed to include, delete or amend their names/address in the voter list for a period of 30 days between December 2019 and Jan 2020.

During the time, the officials accepted 18,101 applications including 8848 men, 9252 women and one others in the voter list, while deleted 1982 voters including 962 men, 1,018 women and 2 others from the list.

The public can have a look at the voters list at designated locations across the district during working days/hours and carry out corrections, if any, with the officers concerned.

The forms can either be downloaded or collected from the designated offices for this purpose, Mr. Rao said in the presence of Sub-Collector Dr N O Sukaputra, RDO (Paramakudi) Thangavel and other officials and political party representatives.


District Collector J. Jayakanthan has released the final electoral list in the presence of senior officials and recognised party representatives here on Friday.

According to the list, the district has Karaikudi, Tirupathur, Sivaganga and Manamadurai (Res) Assembly constituencies. The total electorate stands at 11,61,744 voters including 5,72,622 men, 5,87,060 women and 62 others.

The officials said that the Assembly wise break-up: Karaikudi: 1,52,345 men, 1,56,580 women, 44 others. Total: 3,08,969. Tirupathur: 1,42,238 men, 1,46,884 women, 11 others. Total: 2,89,133. Sivaganga: 1,44,158 men, 1,48,546 women, 2 others. Total: 2,92,706. Manamadurai: 1,33,881 men, 1,37,050 women, 5 others. Total: 2,70,936 The district has a total of 1,348 polling stations, the Collector informed in the presence of DRO K Latha, RDOs Selvakumari and Sankaranarayanan.